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You’re asking why the boys haven’t come out, if they are gay?

It could be a number of reasons:

  • They aren’t comfortable enough with the idea to make it public
  • They’re scared of backlash
  • Management is holding them back

The first two can be filed under “personal choice” because at the end of the day, that’s what it should come down to. If they boys are gay and they want to come out, well fuck, they should on their own damn time—whenever they feel most comfortable. It is their life, and they should live it and treat it any way they damn please to.

However, most in the fandom would blame it on the fandom, and honestly, they have a good reason to.

Management holds the boys back on a lot of things: tweets that are adorable (especially tweets from Louis to Harry and vice versa) and mostly send off a “gay” image are immediately deleted right after they are sent. I don’t have any specific examples on hand but they are floating about somewhere.

Why are they deleted? Because management wants the boys to have the “good boy, cookie cutter, straight, single male” image. Why? Because that image sells. It makes money. It draws younger girls in and drives them to buy CDs and tickets and merch. Let’s be honest, if Louis and Harry were gay and dating each other, how many fangirls (who are not as involved in the fandom as we are) do you think they will lose?

My answer: A lot.


Because there are fans out there who only like the boys for their looks and the slight, slim possibility that the boys will date them. I’m guilty of liking a boy band back in the day for the same reason. 

If that possibility is stripped away, especially for a fan who doesn’t appreciate their music, then what’s the point in them supporting them? 

There is no point.

And I’m not trying to bash any fans who are like that, I’m just saying this to make a point: Management knows that those kinds of fans exist. They know that bands sell based on looks. It’s the peripheral way of selling things. If things are pretty and approachable to you, don’t you want to buy that thing?

It’s the same thing with One Direction. I’m not saying it’s like that for everybody, but there are people who have only just found them, and the first thing they see are their looks. It’s not a bad thing, it just tends to be the truth :/

Anyway, management knows that keeping the boys with the image of single, and straight will gain more fans, which in turn, will make them with much more money in their bank accounts.

I’m not a Public Relations major or anything like that, but from jumping in and out of different fandoms and seeing how different PR agencies run, they all mostly run in the same way:

Do what we can to make money and get people famous.

That’s how things are in Hollywood. It’s a sad reality, I know.

And again, I’m not trying to bash any type of fan, I’m just saying that there are people who are like that, and they bring in money. There is nothing wrong with that.

If the boys were to come out, I’m not saying they would lose their fanbase, but management is very worried about money flow, and with the factors I just mentioned, they are probably afraid of losing fans by the boys not being available to the majority of their fans (teenage girls), so management would more than likely hold them back from making such an announcement.

I’ve also heard rumors that management told the boys not to make any big announcement or changes until after their second album is released. This is probably because if the second album does as well as the first, management will know that the boys have a secure fanbase behind them. Therefore, the probability of losing fans after allowing the boys to come out (should they be gay) are lower than if they were to come out let’s say tomorrow, where they are just getting on their feet in some countries and are very very new to a lot of countries. Management just wants to make sure they aren’t just a fad. Which makes sense, coming from that perspective. 


I hope this answered your question! I tend to ramble when I talk about management. But that’s it in a nutshell!

-RAY x

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